God’s Mercy and Grace

Today I am not going to bring a devotional or some wonderful words of wisdom God has shown me.. Today I am just going to say thank you to El-Shaddai! God Almighty. I want to lift His name and praise Him! I sit here at my computer, so overflowed with tears (literally I am balling my eyes out) of love and praise for my Creator. He brought me out of so much pain and darkness. He restored my hope and faith in unconditional love. He saved me from myself and the demons that has lived inside of me. He showed me grace and mercy even when I didn’t deserve it and still does to this day. I beg of you if you do not know the full extent of God’s love and mercy call out to Him! He is waiting for you. Let Him give you the unconditional love and the peace you have been searching for. “Here I am ! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice open the door, and I will come and eat with them, and he with me” revelation 3:20

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