Unconditional Love… Is It Possible???


How much do you love your children? Would you do anything for them? Would you lay down your life for them?

Ok now ask yourself this.. Are you worthy of God’s unconditional love?

Lately I have been straggling with this concept. I can’t understand how my God can still love me after how much I screw up. And trust me I screw up a lot. But God’s love never wavers. When we are running so far from His will He still wants us.

I came across this during my devotional time today and I just had to share.Sometimes we let ourselves belief that we are not worthy enough for God’s love.  But remember Romans 8:38,39 states nothing can separate us from God’s love for us.
His Love Letter to You

My Beloved Daughter,

My love for you is everlasting! My love for you cannot be hidden. What you’re searching for is found in my heavenly arms. I can promise you this, if you will seek Me first above all others, you will find that I am all you need to feel safe and secure. My love for you is everlasting and effortless because You are My daughter. My deepest desire is to be close to you, but I will not force My way into your heart. I will wait patiently for you to invite Me in and when you’re ready, we will walk together as Father and daughter every day for the rest of your life–until the day I see your precious face in heaven. For now, just breath in My never-ending love for you and smile just knowing you are My treasure.

Your Loving Father

“I have loved you, my people, with an everlasting love. With unfailing love I have drawn you to myself.” — Jeremiah 31:3


One thought on “Unconditional Love… Is It Possible???

  1. Kris says:

    I strongly believe everyone struggles at some point with being worthy, of having merit in and of themselves. It is not until we abandon any notion that there is some residual good in us that we move on. We have all together become worthless…but He loves us so deeply, like your letter stated, anyways. It is an amazing thing.

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