He was thirsty, and so was I….

I have really been taking some time off and deciding where I wanted to lead this blog. I have really been praying about it and God has told me to take it in a new direction.

In the book of John chapter 4 it tells a story about a Samaritan women who was gathering water at the well. She chose to gather at the hottest time of the day, that way she would not encounter any other people. See, this woman had so many things going against her. She was an outcast to her people, the talk of the town. She had no respect from others or for herself. She had been with many men in her life and was not married to the one she was presently with. One day this man came up to her. She was surprised by this because after all she was no good anymore. He asked a simple question from her… Can I have a drink? What she didn’t know as she gave this man a drink, was that this man was Jesus of Nazarene. The Savior to all mankind. Where she thought she was giving him a simple drink, suddenly became him filling her up with an everlasting supply of the living water. This woman went home a new creature. She suddenly found joy and peace surpassing anyone’s understanding.

I know this woman personally. This woman is me. This woman is you. Male or female it doesn’t matter. When we get in with the Holy of Holies. When we discover the grace that is ours to take, when we realize that whatever was in our past is cleaned away but just merely asking Jesus into our heart and giving up all those past mistakes, when we finally understand how God’s love will surround us and engulf us, then like this Samaritan woman we can have joy and peace.

In this blog I will post bits and pieces of my own story along with what God is directing me to say. My goal here is to uplift him and be in obedience to Him. But maybe, with God’s guidance, I can help someone that is broken, that might want to just give it up, to find their way again.

2 thoughts on “He was thirsty, and so was I….

  1. CJ – I’m happy to see you back and I love the new direction your blog has taken. Count me in as a faithful reader. It’s nice being reminded of this story on a day when I’m questioning the very things I’m attempting to accomplish. Thank you.

    • cjknotts says:

      Thanks Sheri I am just trying to follow God’s calling on my life. Trust me I never would of dreamed it would be writing. I have learned I can’t do it on my own it’s all Him. Thanks for reading I appreciate it.

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