Are those flashing red lights for me????


Have you ever wondered what cops are thinking when they sit and wait for someone? It is like they have the diabolical plan to get the less offenders.
So I am driving down the road and I see those familiar red and blue flashing lights in my rearview mirror. Of course the first thing I did was check my speed. It says 65 I am thinking, why is he pulling me over? I pull over to the side of the highway (of course it the busiest night on the busiest highway), and as I watch the police officer get out of the car and mosey up to mine, I grab my license and insurance card. I roll down my window and turn up my radio (hoping the blaring Christian music gives me some pull) I look over to the officer and think. Wow he is really cute I wonder if he is single? Ok I am going to stop right here and say; honey this way before you and I were together and I never ever look at other men now. *smiles with her beautiful smile he loves so much and looks really innocent*

Back to the story: So I roll my window down and in my sweet innocent voice say “Hi officer what can I do for you”? He looks down at me and says; “Ma’am did you know your tail light is out”. Ok if I knew my tail light is out don’t you think I would have it fixed but of course I didn’t say that to him? Is this guy a moron he just totally lost cute points. Then I remember , this man could take me to jail, I do not look good in orange and jump suits are so out of style. I bat my big green eyes at him and reply “why no officer I didn’t,  I appreciate you telling me”. he replies with a you need to get it fixed, I will give you a warning yada yada yada. I say thank you and drive away.

This is my rant. There are people speeding past me going 70 and 80 some even 90 miles per hour do they get pulled over? No!. There are people in KC getting murdered everyday do they get arrested? No!. There are children getting crack of Prospect street and this cop has nothing better to do than to pull me over for a tail light?  It makes me wonder what the KCMO police department does with their money I mean they are losing so much more not catching the speeders. By the way I never fixed that tail light….


One thought on “Are those flashing red lights for me????

  1. I always presume any flashing lights are for me, even if I’m doing nothing wrong!

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