And the Angels cried..

Written December 14, 2012:

crying angel


Today the angels cried

Today we discovered that true evil insists in the world

We cry out to God

Father why did you take them?

Father how can we get through this?

He leans in close to us wraps His arms around us and comforts us.


An act that seems unfathomable

It’s not a wonderful life today

Twenty little angels are now in heaven

Can you hear the bells ringing?





Are those flashing red lights for me????


Have you ever wondered what cops are thinking when they sit and wait for someone? It is like they have the diabolical plan to get the less offenders.
So I am driving down the road and I see those familiar red and blue flashing lights in my rearview mirror. Of course the first thing I did was check my speed. It says 65 I am thinking, why is he pulling me over? I pull over to the side of the highway (of course it the busiest night on the busiest highway), and as I watch the police officer get out of the car and mosey up to mine, I grab my license and insurance card. I roll down my window and turn up my radio (hoping the blaring Christian music gives me some pull) I look over to the officer and think. Wow he is really cute I wonder if he is single? Ok I am going to stop right here and say; honey this way before you and I were together and I never ever look at other men now. *smiles with her beautiful smile he loves so much and looks really innocent*

Back to the story: So I roll my window down and in my sweet innocent voice say “Hi officer what can I do for you”? He looks down at me and says; “Ma’am did you know your tail light is out”. Ok if I knew my tail light is out don’t you think I would have it fixed but of course I didn’t say that to him? Is this guy a moron he just totally lost cute points. Then I remember , this man could take me to jail, I do not look good in orange and jump suits are so out of style. I bat my big green eyes at him and reply “why no officer I didn’t,  I appreciate you telling me”. he replies with a you need to get it fixed, I will give you a warning yada yada yada. I say thank you and drive away.

This is my rant. There are people speeding past me going 70 and 80 some even 90 miles per hour do they get pulled over? No!. There are people in KC getting murdered everyday do they get arrested? No!. There are children getting crack of Prospect street and this cop has nothing better to do than to pull me over for a tail light?  It makes me wonder what the KCMO police department does with their money I mean they are losing so much more not catching the speeders. By the way I never fixed that tail light….


When my daughters were younger I never went too extravagant for their birthdays. I would get a cake, some ice cream, grab a few random children from our block (thank God we didn’t have Amber alerts back then or I’d be in jail writing this) and sing Happy Birthday. Today things are different.  Today I am a GRANDMA or grammie as I am called. So when he came time for Hunter’s first party we are going to have to do this thing up well. No Dollar Tree supplies for him, no sireee. We are doing it up right.

So I call my daughter and we spend an hour on the phone discussing what the theme should be. Yes a theme!  Every one year old needs a themed party that he will never remember right?

We threw around idea, a circus theme, maybe planes, trains and automobiles, sports,  mickey mouse or a jungle theme?  Nope none of them were good enough for my little man. I mean after all he is special, he is grammie’s boy. By this time I can hear my daughter on the phone feeling pretty frustrated with me and she says “Mom he is just one, he doesn’t care. As long as he can shove the cake in his mouth, he will be happy.”  Just for the record I thought the trains, planes and automobile theme was great and this would be the cake if I had gotten my way


But as you can guess, I didn’t get my way. So my wonderful, awesome, clever daughter decides to get on Party City’s website and look things up. When she tells me this, I also go there. And there it was like a light bulb in my head


The most unique theme that we could ever get.


I could see the vision in my head. The cake could be black with little motorcycles all over it. I could find him and Harley Leather Jacket. We could put grease in his hair his blonde curls are slicked back. I can see him as a rebel I mean he does have his Grammie’s blood in him.I excitedly called my daughter knowing she will love this idea and  when she answers her words are; “Are you serious Mother (she calls me that only when I am getting on her nerves)?, My son isn’t going like some hoodlum for his birthday party”  I could hear her roll her eyes at me like I was some mad woman. It was then that I realized that my child, my baby daughter, my babygirl, my last born, has grown up and I have digressed

We finally settled (ok I just really got overruled) and we decided on a more simple primary color theme.  BORINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!! So I go to Party City and fork out the $50 to make my grandbaby happy… Afterall he is Grammies boy…


Still think he would of looked cool in a leather jacket. Pictures will come later.

P.S. By the way I always returned the children from the block fed, happy and full of sugar 🙂 no harm done

Come back I am not crazy, I am just Menopausal!!!!!

Lately I feel like I have this strange creature invading my body and mind. I have been trying to ignore it but it creeps up on me and sometimes at the weirdest and unacceptable moments (like during church services). First it messes with my mind; I can’t seem to remember where I am or what I am supposed to be doing. Then it messes with my body. I start to feel like my body was immersed in a pressure cooker. The steam begins to build up and rises and till BAM!!!! I am in a full fledge hot flash, and all I can think of is… how fast can I strip off these clothes. That is really not something you should be thinking in the sanctuary with 1500 people. Trust me if I did that half the congregation would be flocking to the alter and asking God to deliver me of the demon that has taken over my mind,  the other half of the congregation would be in a state of shock running out the doors and grabbing all their children from the horror. (Trust me no one should see me naked… I don’t even look)


Yes, it is true I am going through menopause. What this means to me is I am getting old. I do not grow old gracefully. I believe in all the plastic surgery you can afford to stay young and beautiful. (Obviously if you have seen my picture you realize I am poor because I haven’t had any) Honestly though, I believe in nipping, tucking, liposuctioning and dyeing anything you have too to stay young. It also helps a lot if you date guys 20 years younger than you (baby I am joking you beat any twenty year old)  Ok sorry I am back, I had to save my butt.   Any way where was I? *ponders for a second trying to recall last topic* Oh yes menopause. See I am already losing my mind and they say that’s the first to go.