I went to the mall, I need therapy!!

Yes!!! 30 more days till Christmas!!!! *sigh* Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas I really do, but it always seems this time of year people get a little bit crazier. Those who do not know me should know I work in the mental health field so I can legally define crazy. It is true that during this time people are more depressed and there are more suicides than any other time of year. But, the ones that really need help and group therapy are those shopping in the malls and stores. Did you go to black Friday?!!!!!!! I went Saturday all I wanted was pantyhose really, but I ended up with two new shirts, a pair of pants, a sweater and sore feet (don’t judge me Lane Bryant was having a half-price sale). Not only did I have to park four miles away, but I had to weave between the cart junkies (That’s what I call the vendors selling off a cart in the middle of my walk way). After trying everything on, which I hate to do but it’ was no returns, no cash back, I had to sit and rest just so I could trek the four miles back to my car (saying some not Christian things fighting the traffic out of the parking lot). Next year I think I will purchase online.


10 thoughts on “I went to the mall, I need therapy!!

  1. susielindau says:

    I really got burned out last year so this year it is Cyber Monday for me!

  2. susielindau says:

    Thanks for including me in your blogroll!

  3. A little old woman nearly ran me over with her cart as she raced to grab an iPhone in a flash sale. She yelled, “Get out of my way, fat boy!” as she flew past. I sprinted to get in front of her, took the last phone and dashed into sporting goods with it.. Climbing high atop the a display rack, I swung the phone in the air and grunted “eee eee eee.” I didn’t even want the phone, but it was Black Friday and she declared war. Nobody messes with me when I’m trying to buy stuff to celebrate the birth of the Savior, nobody! 😛

  4. I wanted to do a post on that as “Santa doesn’t wait in line.” I’m with Susie and did all mine on line this past Monday…where they bring it to you! No fighting over parking spots! Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  5. Hi there! Susie Lindau sent me, and I’m glad to be here. 🙂 So you can legally define crazy? Cool! Are the voices in my head yelling loud enough to bother you? Cause just tell me if they are, and I’ll tell them to shut up, or there might be a few empty seats in my multiple personality office by next monday morning! Oh good, they all seem to have gotten the message and they’ve turned down the volume now. Lol 😉

    I loved your cartoon, and you got an honest, able to be heard in the real world laugh out loud from me, so there’s a quick comic score for you! Did I go out on Black Friday? Heck NO! Cause that’s some scary retail mayhem gone mad, and I’m not sure I’d want to deal with all that mass insanity. But if I was wearing one, my hat would be off to you, for being brave enough to just go out there and GO for it!

    Me? I think I’ll just stick with free climbing 500 foot high cliff faces, cause that doesn’t scare me – it’s very peaceful up there, and if anything bad happens, at least I know it will all end very quickly.

    Hey, I think I like you! 🙂 I think I’ll even follow you! And since I’ll only be following you on your blog, you won’t even need to get a restraining order! Lol 😀

  6. I missed Susie’s party and am just now catching up – this is where I’m going to tell you Susie sent me – please don’t tell her I’m way late, okay. I hate being late but I was trying to get my husband out from under a buggy cart at the Sephora store. Some woman racing for the last $35 kit valued at $140 of Coach fragrance cut him off at the knees. I noted you said you need followers and I do also. You’ll find me at http://sheridegrom.com. Hurry over as I’m handing out awards again next week and I might be able to fit you on the list and that will get your name out to a bunch of my followers. Shameless of me to beg, I know – but hey, isn’t that what Susie’s parties are for.

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