Why didn’t I do this in the first place? The joys of being a grandma!

Hunter working it

Ok so look at that face. How can you not just let him wrap you around his little finger? This is Hunter and he is almost one and possibly the greatest love of my life (honey if you are reading this sorry he is the greatest but I love you too). When my daughters were little I told them they could never children that called me Grandma. I am young, I feel young, I look young. There is no way I am a grandma. Their children could call me Momma C or Boo or something but not grandma because being a grandma meant I was old right? But last year God gave me the best Christmas present ever. He was my little Christmas angel born on Christmas Eve. And, he calls me grammie. I thought that when my daughters were born I could never love anything in the world as much as I love them. I was wrong. This little man stole my heart the moment he was put into my arms.


So here I am almost 45 and this little man has me wrapped around his finger like a Christmas ribbon. Look at him, how can you not love that adorable face? So I sit here wondering what he will be like when he grows up. I think of what my legacy to him will be. This is a lot of pressure. What can be my gift to him as he grows up.

I first need to let him know how loved and wanted he is even though he has one parent. My daughter is an awesome Mom and doing it by herself. Second, I want him to know how to treat a woman. So few young men know how to do that these days. I work in an environment where the children have been mistreated and abused and don’t know how to be a man/women of integrity and  true their word because they have not had the examples at home.  Third I want to make sure he knows how important an education is to achieve. Finally fourth, I want him to know where he came from, who he came from and what obstacles his ancestors overcame to give him the freedoms he has and how great it is to be an American and that the most important thing is to give back to those in need and that God is always first in his life. I think those are good foundations don’t you?



I went to the mall, I need therapy!!

Yes!!! 30 more days till Christmas!!!! *sigh* Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas I really do, but it always seems this time of year people get a little bit crazier. Those who do not know me should know I work in the mental health field so I can legally define crazy. It is true that during this time people are more depressed and there are more suicides than any other time of year. But, the ones that really need help and group therapy are those shopping in the malls and stores. Did you go to black Friday?!!!!!!! I went Saturday all I wanted was pantyhose really, but I ended up with two new shirts, a pair of pants, a sweater and sore feet (don’t judge me Lane Bryant was having a half-price sale). Not only did I have to park four miles away, but I had to weave between the cart junkies (That’s what I call the vendors selling off a cart in the middle of my walk way). After trying everything on, which I hate to do but it’ was no returns, no cash back, I had to sit and rest just so I could trek the four miles back to my car (saying some not Christian things fighting the traffic out of the parking lot). Next year I think I will purchase online.

Forever Love

It has taken me many years to understand the concept of love. What is love? How can you make it last forever? I have learned a few things about love that I would like to share.

First to be able to love, you must love God for God is love and loved us greatly (Ephesians 2:4, 1 John 4:19). When you get the concept of God’s love for you and yours for Him, you can then love others.

The second thing I learned is that you must first love yourself for others to love you. Now I am not talking about being in love with yourself. (Who hasn’t known a person like that?) Being in love with yourself just leads to destruction. Loving yourself means being comfortable and confident in who you are and what you have to bring to the world.

Third you must love others. Loving others not only pleases God but also gives you meaning to your life.

Finally fourth, is the relationship love, the kind of love that last forever. To truly love someone you must make them the top priority. Love them unselfishly. Love them till their needs are more important than your own. Too many times we get into a relationship and are more concerned what we need from them that we forget their needs. This love is just not physical, but emotional, spiritual, and intellectual. You must have all four to make this love a forever love.