Grand Days and Trains

So recently I took my first trip to Union Station in this wonderful city. I walked through the bold doors with their brass handles and glass planes and was in awe of the wonder of this magnificent place. The grand gesture of the lobby updated but with the look of vintage . The high ceilings and columns, the grandeur of the marble floors and the nostalgic feeling transported me back to earlier era. As I was sitting there admiring all this beauty, an old man I would say in his 70’s walks through the big glass doors. He had a hard time walking through the doors with his walker but he seemed very content.

He walked past me and looked my way and said “boy this place has changed a lot. The last time I was here it was in the forties and I had just got off the train to come home from the war. He proceeded to tell me how as a kid he used to come up to the station and just sit and watch everyone go in and out of the train depot.

That man got me daydreaming of what this place was like in the forties. How many soldiers came home, grabbed their girls, and kissed them. It also made me think how many came home to this station but in a box with a flag draped over it. I could hear Tommy Dorsey in my head, the trombone playing “In the Blue Evening” while people hustle and bustle in and out of the station.

Oh what a time that was. I almost wish I had been alive then. America was so different. People cared about one another. I guess I have an old soul. If you ever come visit my fair town of Kansas City, you have to make Union Station a stop on your route.Image