Job Hunting


This is what I feel like when I go job hunting. I have been on the hunt since February. Let me tell you, it is not easy. I get either “you are too qualified” or “you do not have enough experience in this field”. I have experience and an education but the job is my area of expertise are hard to get.

I applied at Pizza Hut recently. It was for a delivery driver position (yes I am desperate) and it was an online application which I hate with a passion. I want to see them face to face, let them get to know me and not what is on paper, anyway, I get an email back saying “you are not qualified for this position”..WHAT????? I have a car, I can drive, what else do I need?

Yesterday I had an interview for a job I really want. I hope I get a call back. It is decent money and benefits. I just need part time while I am in graduate school. I know that I can’t work full time, go to graduate school, and babysit for my daughter all at the same time. I am a realist. I have a second interview today at a different company. I am hoping that I can get hired on there. By the way I have to say that my wonderful honey is so supportive. He is always encouraging me and sends me little texts like” way to go” ,” you can do it” and my favorite “knock them dead” If I haven’t said how much I appreciate them I am saying it now so thank you..

Well I will keep you all posted on what comes up. I must say this blog thing is pretty great. Even if I may be talking to myself.


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