Never Happy

I know several people that no matter what they have in their life or what they do, they are never happy. I have a really close friend that has a great husband, who thinks she is the world, and still she is not completely happy. She is always longing for more, especially the opposite sex. I sit there in awe and not the good kind of awe either. What drives a person to never be satisfied? There are areas in my life where I am never satisfied. I could always use more money, who couldn’t (well maybe Bill Gates)? I am never satisfied in my pursuit of God. I search and search for more of Him. I am never satisfied with the amount of friends I have, I can always have more. I am never satisfied with staying at the status quo in my life, I want to continue to be a better person in my work and everyday life. These disatisfications in life I think are normal.
Gratefully I have found a wonderful man to share my life with. He is all I want. This has not always been the case with the men in my life, but I think when you find that one God has truely meant you to be with, you just have no desire to be with another. This brings me back to my original delimea, what is missing?

As a future counselor, I have to look at what factors might cause people to be like this. For me it was attention. As a plus size woman I always was lead to believe by my family that mens acceptence is what defines who you are. All my family was pretty, little, pale, petite blondes. Then there was me; tall, fluffy (love that term), olive skin, and brunette. I never really fit in, so I looked for acceptence in th e attention in men. I moved from one man to the next, from one relationship to the next until the present. I see women do this all the time. These are the girls that have been married 3 or 4 times, never happy. Maybe these people (I say people because it is not just women) had a traumatic episode in their past that has made it difficult for them to really trust. I would like to get them in an therapy setting and see whats on their mind. Whatever it is, there are reasons as to why they cannot be happy with what they got. In the end someone will always get hurt. But, I guess that is part of life.


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