We have always heard home is where the heart is, but what if your heart is in two places? I grew up in a small Southeast Missouri town. Life is simple there but life there is very close-minded. I needed to expand my horizons see diverse cultures and gain new experiences. So I packed up and moved to the north (yes I crossed the mason dixon line, something I swore as a teen I would never do). Kansas City is about six hours away but seems like oceans apart. So now after almost two years I am divided between my love for the fast paced city with all the cool stuff like art shows, museums, night life, and of course sports (Go Jayhawks!!) and my love of hunting, fishing, and the beauty that the ozarks provide and of course all my family and lifelong friends.

So how would I describe myself? I would say I am a redneck city dweller with a country twang that can whip up an Italian meal or make you homemade buscuits and gravy… Not bad for a girl from Poplar Bluff….

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    Thanks for the follow and welcome to the blogosphere!

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